Game of Thrones, Christians, & A Plea For Humility

There have been many posts from the Christian blogosphere lately, dealing with whether or not Christians should watch Game of Thrones. Like Kevin DeYoung,


I have not watched the show myself. Some would argue that this fact alone disqualifies me from offering any perspective.

While I think such a stance is rather illogical, this post isn’t really aimed at answering whether or not you should watch Game of Thrones (those posts have already been written and I think they’re very helpful). Instead, Continue reading


Book Review: The Grand Design: Male and Female He Made Them

It seems that nothing in our country has changed quite so quickly as the way we think about gender and sexuality. Concrete terms like male and female are no longer acceptable. It’s become so muddied that Facebook now allows you to customize your particular gender identity. You can be male, female, agender, bigender, intersex, transgender, transsexual, non-binary, gender fluid, and many more. Society is telling us that if gender exists, it is a fluid concept that is moldable to your liking. Continue reading

Persecution Doesn’t Guarantee Purity

It probably isn’t far-fetched to say that the concept of persecution is increasingly finding itself on the minds of believers in the West. As the culture grows at odds with the truth claims of the Bible, believers will likely be pressured to capitulate their religious beliefs (at least certain ones) and resistance will be met with Continue reading

Can You Trust Your Bible: A Brief Word on the Reliabilty of the New Testament

Have you ever thought about how you got your Bible? Have you ever considered its origin, its history, or pondered its reliability? These type questions are ones that the secular world explores at great length, and not always fairly I might add. Due to the constant wave of criticisms against the Bible, and specifically the New Testament, there exists a great need for Christians as a whole to be more equipped in this area. Postmodern society tries to use the same tactics that the serpent used to deceive Eve in the Garden when he asked, “Did God really say…?” The objective of this subliminal type questioning is to challenge God’s trustworthiness. Just like the serpent in the Garden, skeptics and critics first challenge God’s word, and ask the question, “Has God really spoken, and can we trust his revelation?” Continue reading

Why Are Christians Such Hypocrites?

“I don’t go to church because the people there are just a bunch of hypocrites!” Undoubtedly you have heard some variation of this common complaint leveled against Christians.

Is it true? Are “Christian” and “hypocrite” synonymous terms? Continue reading

Does Suffering Disprove Christianity?

If God is good, all powerful, and all knowing, how can evil persist in our world? This is a common question non-believers want to hear answered (and many believers, too). And understandably, there does seem to be a contradiction here, doesn’t it? After all, if God is good and knows of our suffering, and has the power to stop evil, why wouldn’t He?

That is a fair question, to be sure. But I would like to re-frame it a bit Continue reading

Avoiding Us Vs. Them: What Millennials Could Learn from The Greatest Generation

This is the first in a two-part series focused on reconciling The Greatest Generation and Millennials.

They’ve been called “The Greatest Generation,” and rightfully so. When Tom Brokaw coined the title I doubt he anticipated the sticking power that it brought. They’ve gone down in history as one of the most formidable groups of Americans since our country’s inception. They led one of the greatest economic growth periods in our history. They’ve been described as honorable, heroic, and sacrificial. While Jason Bourne was still a twinkle in his grandfather’s eye, these men were slaying Nazis on the beaches of Normandy. I, for one, am thankful for their sacrifice and contribution in economics, civil rights, and international freedom.

However, I’ve noticed that in the church there often seems to be a rift between those classified as “the greatest” and my generation, known as “millennials.” Continue reading

What Do I Do When I Find My Child Sexting?


In the fall of 2015, a quiet, small town was sent into shock. The authorities in Canon City,  Colorado, revealed that a “large sexting ring” of about 100 students were circulating anywhere between 300 to 400 nude photographs of themselves and other students. Some of the leaders of this ring were boys on the football team. They were forced to forfeit their last game of the season. In May of 2015, several students were found to have a similar “sexting ring” in Newtown, Connecticut. However, instead of just not playing a football game, 5 of the boys were arrested and 20 others were referred to a juvenile review board in February of 2016 after a long investigation. These are only two Continue reading

Some Things I’ve Learned From The Transgender Debate


By this point I assume you’re well aware of all the recent controversy surrounding whether or not transgender people should be allowed to use the restroom of their choosing. If your facebook feed is anything like mine, it is littered with shared articles about this topic along with many, many vehement comments (from both sides).

In recent days, I’ve been trying to think through all of the issues at play here and have asked many trusted friends for their perspectives. Continue reading