Why Formally “Join” A Church?

This question is very understandable and I've actually asked it myself many times. But before I answer it, let me start with a brief word about myself and my journey with this idea of church membership. Not long after I became a Christian, I actually found myself in a conversation on this exact topic. And … Continue reading Why Formally “Join” A Church?


Why & How You Should Seek To Belong To A Local Church In 2018

If someone were to ask you how being a part of your local church impacts your day-to-day life, how would you answer? Or, to put the question another way, how should our lives be different because we belong to a local church? When we allow the Bible to be our guide, what we find is … Continue reading Why & How You Should Seek To Belong To A Local Church In 2018

Why should you join a local church?

Every now and again, as a Pastor, I get asked, Why should I join a local church? I mean, I'm a Christian, which means I'm a part of the universal church. I attend church semi-regularly. Why do I have to join a local church? For the most part, that's an honest question. And an honest … Continue reading Why should you join a local church?

What is the Church?

If we are going to live in a certain way as the church, then we need to know what the church is. So: What is the church? One popular belief is that the church is a building. Even though that belief is false, the building in which you attend church is not the house of … Continue reading What is the Church?

Christ is Our Worship

    This is part 3 of my 3 part series on why we worship. In the first part I covered how we were created to worship. In part 2 I discussed how we were commanded to worship. Finally, we come to Christ, who without him we cannot worship.  As we started in John 1, … Continue reading Christ is Our Worship

Men, Lead Out In Prayer!

"I desire then that in every place the men should pray, lifting holy hands without anger or quarreling;” (1 Ti 2:8) According to Paul, men are to put away petty differences and anger. Instead of fighting, they are to pray with one another. Paul gives this command to the men instead of the women because … Continue reading Men, Lead Out In Prayer!

What Does It Mean To Be A Church Member?

I belong to the Southern Baptist Convention and so do approximately 16 million others throughout the United States. Yet despite such a number, the average weekly attendance in Southern Baptist churches all across America is less than 6 million. What this means is that on any given Sunday, there are more than 10 million Southern Baptists who … Continue reading What Does It Mean To Be A Church Member?

Questions You Need To Ask Before Teaching The Bible

Let’s be honest: teaching the Bible is scary. If it’s not to you, it should be. Whether you are a small group leader, Sunday school teacher, professor, pastor, or anything else where the Word of God has been entrusted to you to magnify and exposit, you should tremble. The Holy Word of God, His grand love … Continue reading Questions You Need To Ask Before Teaching The Bible

What It’s Like To Be A Mission Project

Perry County, Alabama is among the poorest counties in the United States. Some studies say that 46.9% of Perry County's residents live under the poverty line. A study that was done just a few years ago showed 41% of the county, with 72% of all children in the county, are on food stamps, which is the … Continue reading What It’s Like To Be A Mission Project

Lessons Learned By A Young Pastor

In the fall of 2012 my wife and I loaded up a U-Haul and left Livingston, Alabama for Kansas City, Missouri. The previous May we had both decided to continue our schooling at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I began pursuing a Masters of Divinity and Candace started working on her Master of Arts in Counseling. When … Continue reading Lessons Learned By A Young Pastor