Billy Graham: God’s Ambassador and America’s Pastor


Billy Graham has been the most recognized face in Christianity for decades. His voice has been heard by more people than probably anyone in history. He is a man that is determined to accomplish the Great Commission and has spent his life dedicated to it. One Time reporter has dubbed him “the Protestant Pope of America,” and by many more as “America’s Pastor.” One thing is for certain, he is the most influential evangelical Christian in the world for the past six decades. His proven integrity and conviction to God’s Word makes his life worth studying and imitated. Continue reading


A Brief Biography: Jonathan Edwards


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Jonathan Edwards has been one of the most influential Christians in all of history.  In shaping Christian thought, he has been a leader for the past 300 years. He has been deemed “the most acute early American philosopher and the most brilliant of all American theologians.” His sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” is said Continue reading