Christ is Our Worship

    This is part 3 of my 3 part series on why we worship. In the first part I covered how we were created to worship. In part 2 I discussed how we were commanded to worship. Finally, we come to Christ, who without him we cannot worship.  As we started in John 1, … Continue reading Christ is Our Worship


Commanded to Worship

In the last entry I started a three part series on why we worship.  These are just three giant brush strokes of the Bible that hopefully entice you to search deeper.  In the last newsletter we examined John 1 and Genesis. We saw that we and all of creation were spoken into existence.  We saw … Continue reading Commanded to Worship

Image-Bearing Worshippers

How are we asked to worship God in scriptures? How does that translate  to our current culture.? We define worship as the act of showing reverence and adoration towards a deity.  We do this many ways, through singing, studying,  and imitating. Others say anything we do can be worship. That may be true, but are we … Continue reading Image-Bearing Worshippers

The Gift

We just got through Christmas.  I have a pretty set list of who I give Christmas gifts to, and base it on a limited budget.  For the most part it is more of an exchange.  The people I give gifts to give gifts to me (except my young nephews of course).  I have given many … Continue reading The Gift

By Faith

Hebrews is one of my favorite books of the bible.  It manages to link the Old and New Testament with such clarity.  It is full of empowering declarative statements.  My heart turns to a worshipful attitude and reveals new mysteries every time I read it.  I just finished reading Hebrews 11.  It  takes us through many … Continue reading By Faith

Songs of Ages

If you ever see the bookshelf in my office one particular collection that continues to grow is my collection of hymnals. The hymnal is such a wonderful tool I will always use no matter what style of worship I lead.  It is full of theology and usually organized by doctrine. When I am directed to … Continue reading Songs of Ages

Sunday and the REST of the Week

  I meet with a group of worship leaders about once a month.  We recently had a discussion on the Sabbath.  It was something I thought I had figured out, but in the midst of the discussion, I began to look at it from a new angle.  The Rhythm of my week Sunday is not … Continue reading Sunday and the REST of the Week

What I Love About THE Church

  How do you describe your church?  Is it relevant? Is it engaging? Is the music vibrant? Are the people friendly?  These are all things to strive for, but aren’t they all subjective?  If you’ve been following Broken Shepherd the past month we’ve been doing a series called “What I love about my church.”  Me … Continue reading What I Love About THE Church


Chesed (or hesed) is a word I learned recently.  I’m not completely sure how to pronounce it. It is the Hebrew word for God’s relationship with his people, the Israelites.  You may recognize it translated as loving-kindness, but that doesn’t quite capture the full flavor of the meaning.  It encapsulates a triune God in full … Continue reading Lovingkindness

Ordinary Time

There are seasons in “liturgical” churches known as ordinary time.  One lies between observance of Pentecost and Advent. In the Baptist tradition we might call it “not Christmas or Easter.”  What I want to discuss isn’t the merits of the liturgical season or a comparison between Baptist and other denominational traditions.  I want to take … Continue reading Ordinary Time