The Missing Elements Of Modern Worship
-In this article, Tim Challies highlights four biblical components of corporate worship photo-1453873623425-04e3561289aathat are sorely missing in many churches today.

Why Evangelicals Are Divided Over Trump
-Joe Carter, writer for The Gospel Coalition, provides some helpful analysis regarding this year’s election and the interface it has with many believers.

Rescued From The Sea of Self
-Stacy Reaoch provides some helpful ways we can place more focus on others instead of ourselves.

Bible Interpretation Methods You Should Avoid
-Key insights from Craig Keener on the pitfalls common to methods like word studies, misuses of Greek, etc.

“Voyage of Time” Bridge From Science to Faith
-This article introduces a film laced with metaphysical overtones on the origins and beauty of the universe. This review provides an interesting peak into what it’s all about.




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