Bill Hull is a discipleship guru. If you are serious about being a disciple and making disciples, pick up any of his books here and eat it up. He also has some free ebooks over at discipleship.org. But his latest book is Conversion and Discipleship: You Can’t Have One Without The OtherThis book packs a punch by straightening out many misunderstandings of the gospel, helping people see the process of discipleship, and encouraging leaders to disciple others.

Here are 8 quotes that I found to be particularly powerful.

  1. “But I am convinced that by reducing the complete gospel story of God’s work from Genesis to Revelation to a package three or four points with a prayer, we have diminished our understanding of salvation and what it means to be a follower of Christ. This shift from gospel culture to salvation culture has weakened the church, diminished the lives of Christians, and made disciple-making difficult.” (28)
  2. “The gospel we preach determines the disciples we produce.” (31)
  3. “It is difficult to live in an opulent, privileged, and self-focused world and maintain holiness, integrity, and faithful service to Christ. We must reject the cultural voices and resist refined temptations designed to destroy our faith. For Satan, there is little strategic difference between killing disciples of Jesus and putting them out of action by encouraging them to feed their selfish desires. Either way he gets what he wants—less people making disciples.” (61)
  4. “Knowledge of God is reserved for those in whom his Spirit resides. The living God imparts his own thoughts to those who are living in obedience to him and through whom he is living on this earth. This new life has a mind of its own, what the Scriptures call the mind of Christ. It is ‘self-initiating, self-directing, and self-sustaining.’ Paul explains, ‘For God is working in you giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him’ (Phil. 2:13 NLT). The reason we think new and strange thoughts about our attitudes and conduct is because God gives us new desires and new thoughts.” (91)
  5. “In other words, discipline is a grace that requires structure, planning, and effort to fully receive.” (126)
  6. “The right atmosphere, good music, and a charismatic worship leader cannot fix the deep spiritual problems of the heart… We cannot make disciples by creating worship environments that cater to people’s felt needs. True obediences comes from the heart and is lived out every day.” (181)
  7. “Let me be up front: I am convinced that not making disciples is sin. And until pastors and leaders come to a point where they see anything other than total devotion to this task as a denial of their God-given calling and a gross sin, real change is unlikely to happen in their life and their church.” (201)
  8. “Jesus tells us that making disciples is his way of rescuing the world: his plan, his method, and his dream for his church. Discipleship that follows the Jesus way will not fail because it is his mission that flows directly from the heart of God, the great disciple maker. As we follow his lead, we will see lives, churches, and communities transformed by the gospel.” (233)

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