This month I want you to seriously consider picking up a copy of Jonathan and Paul Feinberg’s Ethics For A Brave New WorldAllow me a few moments to explain why.

In our culture today believers are faced with a myriad of complex ethical issues. How should we respond to physician-assisted suicide? Genetic engineering? Capital punishment? Homosexuality? Abortion? The fact is, these are issues which will continue to confront the Church in the years ahead and it is critical that we be prepared to respond biblically.

And that is exactly what the Feinbergs do in this brilliant work.

The book not only shows the marks of careful scientific research, but also deals seriously with the biblical text, using sound interpretive techniques. They are able to bring out principles from the text for navigating specific ethical dilemmas.

Chapter 1,entitled Moral Decision Making and the Christian, is well worth the price of the book. Here the authors discuss the different ethical theories and then show which theory most lines up with a Christian worldview. This alone will equip the reader in how to think about issues of right and wrong from a God-centered perspective. And it serves to lay the foundation for all other issues discussed in the book.

Whether you are a seasoned believer, new to the faith, or unsure why Christians think the way they do about controversial issues, this book will shed some scholarly (yet very readable) light on what are some of the most morally perplexing issues in America today.

Trust me, this is one book you do not want to be without.




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