It’s funny how the expectations we bring to different dining experiences change so radically from setting to setting. For example, when I arrive at the McDonald’s drive-thru I expect to have ordered, paid for, and received my food in under 15 minutes, minimum. That’s why they call it “fast food”. And usually when I get fast food it’s because I’m in a hurry and need something I can eat “fast” as well.

But when my wife and I sit down to eat at a nice restaurant, I go in expecting that we will be there for upwards of an hour or longer. And I’m totally ok with that. In fact, that’s what I want. I go for the whole dining experience. So when they bring us our meals I don’t want to gobble everything up in a few minutes. Instead, I want to slow down and really savor all of the succulent flavors which have been so beautifully (and unnecessarily) arranged on my plate.

I think it’s easy for us to begin to treat the Bible like a fast food joint instead of the five-star restaurant it really is. For example, we’ve been trained to think that when we have our quiet time with the Lord reading His Word, we should always come away with 3 practical ways we can apply the passage to our lives today. Indeed, there are some passages which call for such immediate application (the “love one another” commands particularly come to mind). But not every experience we have with God’s Word need be this way. Sometimes we need to simply “savor” the truth of the Word instead of trying to force it to give us instant steps to being a better Christian, husband, wife, employee, etc. Part of the process in reading God’s Word is to allow its truth to gradually recalibrate the way we think and to shape and mold the affections of our hearts for the long term.

So this week I want to invite you to feast on the Word! Remember, the Bible was given to us to nourish our souls with its life-giving truth. So slow down, relax, and enjoy! When you sit down with God’s Word, you’re sitting down at a five-star restaurant, not a fast food joint.


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