Photo credit: euclidlibrary.org

poem call to repentance for Americans.


Oh say, can you see?

You are deemed the land of the free,

Home of the brave, but you are a slave to what you crave.

You behave in such a way

That brings tears to the Master and causes Him to bring disaster so that you would repent faster.

But you don’t.

You say “In God we trust” while the hinges of His doors rust.

Bars are about to bust at the seams and it seems to me

That you will believe whatever you want to believe, but the real God doesn’t leave it up to me or you

To choose what defines right and what defines wrong.

You say absolute truth is long gone.

You say it’s right to kill a baby but I would rather you slay me!

When a little human doesn’t have a voice, you rejoice over the choice of a bigger human who is narcissistic.

You are hedonistic and seek simplistic pleasure as your treasure.

But there is a measure of joy

That cannot be fathomed by anyone who hasn’t been ransomed.

You’ll do anything for satisfaction. Pride’s fatal attraction has made you lose traction.

Now you seek assistance to save your existence because

You are in danger and the only One who can help is the one who came in a manger.

You say “God knows my heart!”

It may sound smart but it’s really a scary thought.

He knows every motive you didn’t think He would notice.

He knows every action you made with your sinful attraction.

He knows that He is not your ultimate satisfaction.

Now how proud is he who says

“Only God can judge me.”

As you trudge through life, He budges you toward Him.

You even send text messages that say He won’t deny you if you forward them.

But hitting “send” won’t save you in the end. This may offend you

But I want you to comprehend that you can’t pretend that Jesus is your Lord.

There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ!

This gift is free but highly priced because it will cost you your life,

And freedom will cut like a knife straight through your strife.

He has caught you in your sin.

He has sought you and wants to bring you back to Him.

When you repent and trust that, He will take you back.

So come, it doesn’t matter where you’re from.

Oh say, won’t you come?

Oh say, do you see?


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