I struggled with regret and forgiving myself for years. The feelings always hit you whenever you’re least expecting it and the hurt of the past can last for days on end. I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this.

I am by no means a poet, but I really feel like poems and songs can sometimes speak louder and deeper than a regular post. This is a poem I wrote a while back when I was into spoken word. I hope God uses it in your life as much as He has in mine.



One of the sharpest swords in the world that stabs you when you’re bored.

Memories begin to flood, then comes the thought of shedding your own blood.

Looking back it was insane to think this vicious chain could bring you joy.

But it was a decoy placed to destroy.

Sin dripped with the sweet nectar that you jump after,

While the Enemy got in touch with your funeral director.

It’s a word everyone knows, deep down in the depths of their souls.

It’s a feeling that cannot be swayed nor an enemy that can be paid,

But it’s a lingering feeling that never finishes healing.

It sucks your life out like a leech that always needs feeding.

But what if there’s a cure,

Something more pure.


Something that only few believe while others just grieve over regret.

Something that many agree should be achieved though they’d rather just forget.

Regret cannot forget it owes a great debt to a sinful mindset.

Though forgiveness owes itself to the one who gave Himself.

A man who did not just possess forgiveness but is the very definition of this business.

Accept this as a gift just as swift as you gave regret a lift,

And He will lift regret right off your shoulders,

The same regret that used to crush you like boulders.

Your sin of the past is just that, old news.

It may have left a bruise but His grace will cover you like tattoos.


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