In Ephesians 4 Paul writes that pastor-teachers are one of Christ’s gifts to the Church. Why? Because they help to lead us in understanding more of God’s Word. And the more we grow in our understanding of the Word the more we grow in maturity. Below are a list of some my favorite Bible teachers whom the Lord has used to help me grow. I wanted to share them with you in the hope that maybe the Lord will be pleased to use them to help you as well. But before we dive in, a word of caution is needed…


In no way should listening to sermons online replace your involvement with your local church. The Lord has placed the particular under-shepherd(s) at your church to watch over and care specifically for your soul and the souls with whom you gather. But when seen as a supplement to the preaching and teaching you receive from your local church, I believe these teachers can be of real spiritual benefit to you and your family.

With that being said, here are five pastor-teachers I think you would do well to begin listening to…

1. Kevin DeYoung
Kevin is a pastor whom you can tell drinks deeply from God’s Word. His ability to combine humor with careful exposition makes him very enjoyable to listen to. Time and again, Kevin has helped me to see that a relentless depending on the Bible is what is most needed in our time.

2. D.A. Carson
Carson is a first class scholar who teaches with the heart of a pastor. Professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, you will find yourself challenged to dig in to the Word and study it carefully.

3. Mark Dever
Dever is perhaps best known for his book “9 Marks Of A Healthy Church” in which he helps us to think rightly about the local church. His sermons reflect the life of a seasoned and wise pastor. His commitment to expositional preaching and sound ecclesiology is perhaps what I admire most about him.

4. Tim Keller
When you listen to Tim Keller, you’re immediately struck by his ability to explain even the hardest truths of the Bible with both a sense of rational thinking and pastoral warmth. With calm and composure, Keller can take a topic like “hell” and have even the most hardened skeptic admit to how much sense it made.

5.  Bryan Chapell
Helping you to see the full depths of grace and riches to be found in Christ, Chapell relentlessly  points us to our ultimate source of motivation for all godliness, the finished work of Jesus. Not offering cheap grace, he helps us to see that God’s commands are good for us, even as he carefully places them in a gospel context.


So there you have it. There are many more gifted preachers and teachers of God’s Word whom I could’ve mentioned (but I forced myself to keep it to five). So instead of adapting a 1 Corinthians 3 syndrome, let us be thankful that we have so many the Lord has given to help us in the study of His Word.

And again, be sure to remember that your primary source of spiritual care and teaching should come from the under-shepherds at your local church, not the internet (every pastor-teacher listed above would say the same thing). But at the same time, that doesn’t mean you can’t supplement that teaching with other gifted preachers and teachers. So enjoy these teachers because, after all, they are Christ’s gifts to you.


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