On Sovereign Grace Music’s new album Sooner Count the Stars: Worshiping the Triune God we take a journey pondering the mystery of the Holy Trinity in its persons and as a whole. This I believe is an aspect in today’s modern praise and worship music that has been severely lacking, but that has been leader Bob Kauflin and Sovereign Grace Music’s M.O. for the last 30 years: writing theologically rich, gospel-centered modern day hymns for the church that are as singable as they are rich in content.

The album starts with the folky title track that acknowledges the greatness of God that goes beyond our human capacity to express it. “I could sooner drink the seas/ than fathom all your Love/ Like a never ceasing stream/ are mercies through Your son.” The song is littered with beautiful metaphors throughout linking our wonder of God with creation’s vastness.

Two of the best congregational songs are also Trinity-centered. The first being “This is Our God” which is inspired by the Nicene Creed. Each verse praises the separate persons of the Trinity with the chorus triumphantly proclaiming “We believe the Lord our God is One!” “Great One in Three” is inspired by an older sometimes forgotten hymn “Come Thou Almighty King.” This again takes each verse to describe the Father, Spirit, and Son and how each One has a role in our salvation. The Chorus is a cry of expectation when we finally behold the majesty of seeing the “Great One in Three”

Other songs focus on one divine person. “Lamb of God” focuses on the sacrifice of the Son, while “Spirit of God” is a request for strengthening of faith and growing in wisdom through the Holy Spirit. “Blessed Assurance” is another standout that uses the first verse of the Fanny Crosby hymn as the chorus.

Sooner Count the Stars can be beneficial for worship leaders in having songs that can be used for the congregation, and for the congregation in having songs that can be used for personal edification. You may find it engages the heart, mind, and soul.


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