“But mom! But dad!  Why do I have to go to church?” For those of us who have children, you may have heard this from the mouth of your child.  Or maybe it is not the children who are saying this.  Maybe it is the adults who are saying this?  With school starting, fall sports starting, there are days that we just need to sleep in and take a break, trust me, I understand.

However, I beg and plead with you, do not let God be second best to the activities that you placed in your life.  Put God and worshipping Him first, always!  In Romans Chapter 12 verse 1, I want us to see 3 truths of being involved in corporate worship within the body of Christ.

In the book of Romans 12:1 Paul writes, Romans 12:1 (a) Therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, (b) I urge you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, (c) holy and pleasing to God; (d) this is your spiritual worship.

  1. (12:1 b) God views corporate worship as our sacrifice:

Before I was saved by my Lord and savior, my life was my own.  I lived to please me and only me.  But Jesus saved me, and flipped my whole world upside down.  Now I know that I have to live my life as a sacrifice to God, and in doing that, I have to be in corporate worship with born again believers in church.  In looking at what the Apostle Paul saying in Chapter 12 verse 1, he starts of by giving a strong word of encouragement to the Christians at Rome to be a living sacrifice for God.

The Greek word for sacrifice or offering is thusian.  So, I have a question?  In the Old Testament, what did the Jewish people of the old covenant have to offer up to God as an offering or sacrifice that was pleasing to Him? (Grain, flour, fruits, blood, fat, organs, bulls, goats, rams, doves.  Please read the book of Leviticus) I am very thankful, and I bet you are too, that we as Christians of the new covenant through Jesus Christ, we don’t have to offer up sacrifices like the ones form the Old Testament.  Being in the presences with brothers and sisters in Christ and having a heart of joy, singing, praying, reading scripture together, and helping serve in the body of Christ is our sacrifice. It is an act of worship before God.

  1. (12:1c) God is pleased with our corporate worship:

I have heard many excuses on why people don’t attend Church on Sunday morning. “It is too early.” “It’s our family time.” “There is a football game on.” “We were out of town.”  I understand that life sometime gets busy, and there are things that come up that are out of our control.  But, when they are repeated over and over again, there seems to be a heart issue. Ultimately, we are not seeking to please God.  We as humans become self-centered and get the attitude that we should live for ourselves.  Then the thought process begins that we don’t need to be with other Christians, or in the church.

We as Christians need to live our lives in a pleasing way to our Lord.Paul uses the same Greek word euarestos in Romans 12:1, as he does in Colossians 3:20, Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.   This needs to be our heart every day.  This needs to be our heart towards worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. So, when you are struggling to get out of bed, or don’t want to go to Church, remember that “it is pleasing to God” to be in worship with other Christians.

  1. (12:1d) God is honored in our corporate spiritual worship:

The definition of the word service, is the action of helping or doing work for someone.  The reality is we all have a service that we provide, whether it is in our work or our homes.  But what about in our churches?  What about our service to God?  Christians have a service to provide to God, by worshipping Him.  What does that look like?  It is by Christians coming together as the body of Christ whether it is under a tree, in a building, in a home, to worship God almighty through singing, praying, studying together, and serving one another.

The greatest lie that the evil one has deceived many people, and surprisingly Christians in the world today with is this, “You can be a Christian, and not be a part of a Church.” If this is the case, then why is the Apostle Paul writing this to the (Church) corporate body in Rome?

My brother and sister in Christ, you are wanted and needed in corporate worship at your local church.  It is a vital part of our Christian walk.  Don’t let the evil one deceive you into believing you not important, because you are.

I am praying for you, and in return I ask that you pray for me.

God Bless,

Pastor Dane.


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