I’ve heard people say…and maybe you’ve said it yourself… my testimony of how I got saved is so boring. I wasn’t a drug addict, alcoholic, gang member, or anything like that. I was basically a normal person when I received Jesus. So I want to ask, is it true? Is your testimony of how Jesus saved you, boring? I don’t think so at all. But if we have this attitude, what does it reveal about us and our understanding of the Gospel? Well, I think it actually reveals  3 misunderstandings we may have.

First, you may not have a balanced view of sin

If you define sin only in terms of actions or behaviors, you’re missing alot of what the Bible has to say about the subject. Sin does involve these, certainly, but it goes beyond that straight to the very attitude and nature of our hearts. So it’s not just a wrong way to act, but a wrong way of being. In Mark 7:20-23 Jesus said that all of our “outward” sins are really just manifestations of what is already lodged in our hearts. And it is this, He says, that keeps us from being acceptable before God.

Sin is not just a wrong way to act, but a wrong way of being.

So if you can manage your outward behavior, that still doesn’t clear you. Our hearts are laid bear before God and He knows all of our hidden motivations, both good and evil. And so with that being said…

You may not have a realistic view of your own sinfulness

If you automatically create categories of who the worst sinners are (the felons, drug addicts, abusers, prostitutes, etcetera), you haven’t really been sobered by the evil in your own heart. It’s only when we see how ugly the darkness is within us that we can joyfully and triumphantly say with Paul… “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost!” (1 Timothy 1:15). Which then brings us to the next logical point…

You may fail to see how amazing it is that Jesus came for you

When our understanding of sin is unbalanced and we fail to grasp the seriousness of our own sin, we miss the glory, depth, and unfathomable riches of Christ crucified for us! In other words, by saying that you have a boring testimony, you are saying that Jesus dying for you wasn’t as incredible as the fact that He died for the other groupings of more heinous sinners. And when we look at it this way, it is virutally impossible for us to feel the wonder of God pursuing us and redeeming us, even at great cost to Himself. Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones, a great preacher from yesteryear, use to give the analogy of a person who had a bill to pay. Suppose your bill was two dollars and someone paid it for you. How would you respond? Perhaps a pat on the shoulder and a promise to pay him back later. But now suppose your bill was one million dollars, a bill you could never repay, and someone emptied their bank account for you. Now how do you respond? Hopefully with a little more joy and adoration than your first response. When we fail to grasp the depth of our depravity, we see Christ as only have paid a two dollar bill. And that’s when we begin to think we have a “boring” testimony.


I want to wrap this one up by saying that it has not been my aim to create doubt regarding your salvation. But speaking as a pastor, my hope is that you will grow in your understanding of your sin so that you will be filled with the joy that only comes from knowing Christ crucified for you! A previous pastor of mine use to always pray…

Lord show us our sin, but please do not leave us there. Show us our sin and then show us our Savior. Let this be the longing of our hearts. Because it’s only when we see ourselves aright that we realize, there is no such thing as a boring testimony.




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