This is a new segment I’ve decided to include on Broken Shepherd. Many times I think we thoroughly enjoy gathering with God’s people on Sunday, worshipping together, teaching the Word to each other, and hopefully being edified by biblical preaching.

Then, supposedly, Monday is the day we again enter into the world to be a light for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But many times, we don’t necessarily take that viewpoint. Instead, Monday is the first day of what we think will be another grueling week at work.

Well, in the hopes of helping you keep the affections of your heart kindled for Jesus the day after Sunday, I want to encourage you with a new song each week. You can be assured that the songs I post will be saturated with the Gospel and will cause your heart to rejoice in the finished work of Jesus!

This first week is a song by Sovereign Grace entitled “All I Have Is Christ”. It is a good reminder, that Jesus is the Founder and Perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12:2). Hope you enjoy!


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